Welcome to Goldthwait Reservation

The Goldthwait Reservation is a private, non-profit land trust created in 1947 by Dr. Joel Goldthwait to preserve and maintain the natural setting of approximately 12 acres of coastal property, comprised of Goldthwait Beach, the surrounding land area, and the salt marsh. Though urged to sell this land as parcels for development, Dr. Goldthwait took action to preserve this private property in the public trust for the recreation and enjoyment of all the townspeople of Marblehead.

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Reports and Records

The 2018 Goldthwait Annual Report (PDF, 296 KB), including a letter from the director, is now available.

Also online is the 2018 Annual Monitoring Progress Report (PDF, 13.5 MB) for the salt marsh restoration effort.

See the Marblehead Reporter article for details on the salt marsh restoration project and how you can still donate to help us reach our goals.

Thank you to DeRosa Environmental Consulting, Inc. for their years of excellence in managing the Goldthwait marsh restoration efforts. See their other great projects here.

News & Events

Concert in the Park! - On June 8th, join us at the Goldthwait Reservation to hear Jeanie Stahl and Mason Daring perform. The concert, which begins at 7:30 PM, will include special guests Duke Levine and Stuart Schulman and opening act by Jim Trick. An opening Meet-the-Artists reception with food and beverages will begin at 6 PM. To buy tickets, press the donate button to your left and donate the correct amount for your desired tickets (for example $130 for two $65 premier seating tickets). After you put in the donation amount, add your name, address, and the type of tickets you want in the NOTES section. The tickets will then be mailed or delivered by hand to you. For more details and ticket information, see the Concert Poster (pdf).

Interested in learning about Goldthwait stories of yore? This book, Street Guide to the Greater Goldthwait Neighborhood, by Jackie Lynch provides insights and interesting before and after images of some of our favorite neighborhood places! Purchase one and all profits go to the Goldthwait Reservation, Inc. Thanks!

For those who did not have the opportunity to see the North Atlantic Right Whales, check out this drone footage by Eyal Oren.

Our Mission

Goldthwait Reservation Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization managed by an annually-elected volunteer Board of Directors and Officers. Our mission is to support Dr. Goldthwait's vision to protect this special area for the recreation and enjoyment of the townspeople. Our responsibilities include the day-to-day management and maintenance of the property, as well as fundraising efforts to support the protection and restoration of the reservation. The reservation is not subsidized or maintained in any way by the Town of Marblehead. A lifelong elected Board of Trustees are responsible for the long-range planning and vision and ensuring that the management of Goldthwait Reservation holds true to its founder's original charter.

Wth the help of neighbors and citizens, we seek to preserve:
  • -the natural beauty and character of the area to be used for outdoor education, recreation, and the enjoyment of Marblehead residents;
  • -the ecological integrity of the salt marsh, including the native plant species that grow there and the fish and wildlife that use the marsh for food, shelter, and nursery grounds; and
  • -the reservation as a fun and safe place to host gatherings, events, and educational activities.